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Renee - vom Feinsten ('Renee - most sophisticated')

If you search something special - invite RENEE to your venue!


Trailer based on AIDA bella-TV's live streaming on board (2010) 

photo: Ulrich Seidemann

Renee's singing talent comprises an unparalleled soprano as well as pop-tenor voice. This raises his gala performances to very special dimension owing to a unique repertoire of songs.  

He, in elegantly masculine and/or feminine evening attire, performs his female and male song collection, eliciting both emotion and awe, not only with his voice range but with humor, spontaneity, warmth and sincerity.  

His repertoire includes musical hits from "Elisabeth", "Wicked", "Cabaret", "Mozart" and "La Cage aux Folles" - as well as songs from his solo shows that were originally created for him. 

In case you are looking for a highly exclusive and special show case - you should book "RENEE - most sophisticated". This is the only performance that can be completely presented in English language

Renee - vom Feinsten ("Renee – most sophisticated")

Foto: screenshot

Renee, in elegantly evening attire, hosts a gala presentation of his very best stage characters – a repertoire of feminine and masculine personas from his last years on the stage. You will find yourself absolutely absorbed by his electrifying musical numbers. 

Soiree mit Renee ("An evening with Renee")

In this thrilling show, featuring the model "Renee Fein" singing musical, show and pop tunes, she chats about her job, love, tough and soft guys – and about her deepest desire to become a pop singer! 

Renee‘s Coming In - Ich bin auch ohne Lady gaga!
("I'm gaga even without the lady!")

- MusicalComedyShow -  

Renee is a high-class entertainer in this flamboyantly unique personality show – with a repertoire of songs coupled with satire, laughter, self-irony and reflection!  

RENEE auf Erden
("RENEE on earth")

- The lyrical new show -  

In this brand new stage performance Renee presents poems and lyrics by the famous German poet Friedhelm Kaendler!