"The topics offer as much variety as the musical styles. (...Renee) performs rap, tap, chanson and pop" | Frankfurter Neue Presse

"The time of clichés has come to an end (...) Intense and intimate!" | Hattersheimer Stadtanzeiger

RENEE auf Erden (RENEE on earth)

a sophisticated revue

showing some sequences of the 27/09/2014

stage partner and piano player: Andreas Brencic 

Show soprano, entertainer and self-defined 'bastard of categories' Andreas Renee Swoboda enlarged his solo show portfolio and created his new lyrical performance "RENEE auf Erden" ("RENEE on earth", in German language only) with the famous author Friedhelm Kaendler, who writes poems as well as for the stage - in his very special style. The show re-defines the (also) male stage character RENEE as a performer between singer, poet and actor. The musical styles easily jump betwenn for example rumba, tango, musical or show tunes. Maybe the 'pursuit of happiness' is a central idea in Renee's lyrical stage show, featuring the humorous and sensitive lyrics and texts of German poet and director Friedhelm Kaendler, who created the show with Renee and his stage partner and piano player Andreas Brencic (Vienna), Renee reincarnates and arrives....on earth. 



lyrics, texts & director: Friedhelm Kändler 

conception: Friedhelm Kändler, Renee 

composers: Alexander Klein/Renee, Andreas N. Tarkmann, Thorsten Larbig, Uli Schmid, Constantin Wehla, Thomas Dust, Jool 

music production: Constantin Wehla, Jool/Renee 

tap choreography (encore song): Pamela Nagel 

costume (snake top): Anja von Lenski 


photo: ifb

How the show was developed

Renee and Alexander Klein composed brand new music for many of Kaendlers lyrics. Additional composers involved are Andreas N. Tarkmann, Thorsten Larbig, Thomas Dust, Constantin Behla and Uli Schmid. 

A preview of the show took place on the 27th of July 2013. 


The premiere was in the "TAK"/Hannover on the 13th of September 2014. 

Renee - vom Feinsten ("Renee – most sophisticated")

Foto: screenshot

Renee, in elegantly evening attire, hosts a gala presentation of his very best stage characters – a repertoire of feminine and masculine personas from his last years on the stage. You will find yourself absolutely absorbed by his electrifying musical numbers. 

Soiree mit Renee ("An evening with Renee")

In this thrilling show, featuring the model "Renee Fein" singing musical, show and pop tunes, she chats about her job, love, tough and soft guys – and about her deepest desire to become a pop singer! 

Renee‘s Coming In - Ich bin auch ohne Lady gaga!
("I'm gaga even without the lady!")

- MusicalComedyShow -  

Renee is a high-class entertainer in this flamboyantly unique personality show – with a repertoire of songs coupled with satire, laughter, self-irony and reflection!  

RENEE auf Erden
("RENEE on earth")

- The lyrical new show -  

In this brand new stage performance Renee presents poems and lyrics by the famous German poet Friedhelm Kaendler!